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Canada’s Psychedelic Guide

As people begin to access these powerful medicines there are a lot of important things to remember. If you are hoping to experience psychedelics and need some support please feel encouraged to connect with me.

Transform With Psychedelics



Whether it’s choosing the right substance and dosage, setting your intention, understanding what you may experience, I will help you prepare for the trip. 

Trip Sitting

Do you need someone to support you while you have your psychedelic experience? I can support you in-person or remotely. 

Post-Work Integration

Having significant psychedelic experiences can be powerful and sometimes overwhelming. We will make sure you integrate your experience.

A Passionate & Experienced Psychonaut 

Trying to build to a happier and healthier world

I have a lot of respect for psychedelics. I’ve used them in my own life to heal. I have seen the light and dark sides of these medicines. I believe it is important to tell experience psychedelics safely. When they use in the right context, psychedelics can be the most transformative moments of our lives. I’d love to help foster that with you.

Experience With Psychedelics

Well Versed In Mental Health

Supportive & Caring Person

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Plan A Beautiful Psychedelic Experience Today.